I was introduced to photography by a friend, who was a Nikon Devotee, some 50 years ago.

Because I had a young family growing up,  I bought what I could afford, a Praktica SLR, which, for me, was a massive leap from the box brownie I was using.

I used this camera for a number of years, until I was forced to give up photography through cataracts.  When the operation became available to cure this malady, I gladly went under the knife to have my sight restored.

By that time we had entered the digital age and I started with a beginners camera, a Nikon D90.  I very quickly outstripped that camera’s capability and bought a Nikon D5300, together with a number of lenses as my skills grew.

Finally, after carting all these lenses around for a number of years, I bit the bullet and part exchanged the lot for a Nikon D750, keeping my Tamron 600mm lens, my Nikon 18-300mm lens and my Nikon 105 mm macro lens.  I also own a Nikon 85mm prime lens, a gift from my sister.

I will photograph anything I think will make a picture and while I enjoy most genres of photography  I have steered clear of wedding  and portraiture photography, as I’ve found that the demands made of me by the people I was photographing changed my pastime into a chore.